Writer Pro iOS Keyboard shortcuts

June 8, 2014 ☼ Link

I rarely use the iPad with an external keyboard anymore, but every now and then I take it out again and do some writing. I have been aware that quite a few iOS applications support more (external) keyboard shortcuts since iOS7, but never made the effort to give it a try. I really missed out, I dare say.

I opened Writer Pro, attached my trusted K760 and was more than surprised to learn that all the shortcuts that I use on a regular basis are supported! That means: all formatting, entering links, switching between the different modes (day/night and so on). It’s all I need, how great is that!

I did some very quick digging and found the (presumably) complete list of the supported shortcuts. Interestingly the application feels now as powerful on iOS as on the Mac. In some way even more so, as it allows me to focus better.

It is safe to say that I use the app for at least 90% of any writing that I have-to and want-to do (such just as this one) and even though I feel fairly confident using the on screen keyboard I see myself using my external keyboard now more often again. I’m already now looking forward to see what happens with apps like this once iOS 8 is out.

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