At least they are useful’ - On Text Expander Snippets

August 10, 2014 ☼ ArticleLink

During the last week I ran into this article by Zach Holmquist on Twitter which I found both helpful and inspiring. The way he describes categorising abbreviations makes totally sense to me.

Zach Holmquist:

I love TextExpander, but since I bought it I have completely failed at memorising a good amount of useful snippets. Did I stick with prefixing ,,”? or did I change to ;;”? or just ;” or maybe I did the double first letter thing like ddate”? As a result of the mass confusion many of my favorite snippets have gone unused.

Which is exactly my situation. I too often find myself lost in my snippet-collection or simply can’t remember the abbreviation I used.

I tried to be consistent and somewhat logic with the selection of my abbreviations, but too often it is especially with rarer ones almost a lottery whether I manage to remember the right abbreviation in the first place. In many cases the rarer snippets ere, even though I need them only a few times a year, the ones which save the most amount of time and nerves for me.

Interestingly, with all tinkering and re-evaluating the apps I use on a daily basis, I haven’t spend much (not to say no time), working on my abbreviations. I simply accepted that I’m not good in remembering them, but in a few hours I might have this fixed.

I am wondering though if it would be better to replace the period with for example the letter x as one would need to switch the keyboard layout on the iPhone. Anyway, I will try first the method with periods, it simply looks cleaner.

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