Nice New Feature in Safari

October 16, 2014 ☼ Article

I have tweaked, fiddled and fumbled with theme of this theme a lot. While some decisions that I had made in the past were easy, some others were much more difficult. Such as choosing the right colour for links and as if that would not be enough, a lot of thought had went into do I underline and if, how and in which colour?

So many options. Too many options.

The theme that I’m using is essentially the Ghost default theme, Casper. I tweaked only a few things, such as my own fonts and a few post-specific styles, the links I have left untouched. It turns out that, much to my surprise, the latest Safari did introduce a nifty little feature which changes the way the it displays link-underlines.


Links look much nicer even with the default styling now. This used to be possible earlier as well, but it did involve some CSS-trickery with background images, but this is easier and a lot less of a hassle, albeit not as customisable.

I think this is nice and I feel a lot less compelled to do some tweaks to my link-stylings now. I highly doubt though this is cross-browser, but I’m not sure do I care about that in this little feature.

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