Things happened

October 23, 2014 ☼ Article

It is not (yet) the version 3.0 that I was hoping for but after it’s latest updates to both iOS and OSX I thought I give Things another try. As you know Things always has been one of my favourites and I continue to switch back and forth between it OmniFocus.

With support for share sheet extensions and the today widget (the today widget only on Yosemite by the time of this writing) it’s very easy to get stuff into the app and an overview of the today view in notification center. While setting it up on my devices I learned more about the Scheduled view and how I can use it better. It was a bit of an epiphany and somewhat embarrassing considered how long I use the app, but it might change the way I use(d) the app.

It will take some time getting to used to it after a while away from it, but for the time being I’m content and look forward to the next updates of both the iOS apps as well as the new version. Whenever that comes out.

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