The First Video

November 16, 2014 ☼ Article

In times where everything is streamed we take online video for granted. And why wouldn’t we? I buy movies off of iTunes, stream from Netflix and watch the occasional rare Jazz video, or documentary on You Tube.

If we want to, we can do all of that straight from our phones, whithout even getting out of bed. Great stuff. It’s the future and we’re right in it.

It wasn’t always like that, and I can still remember the first time I watched online video on either YouTube or Google Video[^-361148878]. It probably took forever to buffer the 21 seconds of this video, which I believe to be first video that I have seen on YouTube[^-361148878].

But now, I will go and continue watching Dr.Who. Streamed, of course.

  1. Seriously, do you remember that? 

  2. Since YouTube was founded in 2005 and I guess it must have been somehow in that time-frame. 

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