Grammar can be tricky’

November 30, 2014 ☼ Link

In Beyond You’re vs. Your: A Grammar Cheat Sheet Even The Pros Can Use:

Grammar is one of those funny things that sparks a wide range of reactions from different people. While one person couldn’t care less about colons vs. semicolons, another person will have a visceral reaction to a misplaced apostrophe or a there” where a their” is needed…

English is obviously not my native language but I have always been interested in it and always like to improve my language skills in one way or the other. It has to be said though that I’m not particular fond of grammar in general.

During my short stint of studying English I got my hands on a very good grammar book which taught grammar in a similar fashion. It consisted more of examples [^-361148936] and I really liked that book, too bad I can’t remember its title.

Either way, there are some helpful and nice examples in this post, lay always gets me confused.


  1. At least from what I remember of it that is. 

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