For that very reason, you want it’

January 11, 2015 ☼ Link

Ben Brooks in It’s Compulsion, Not Obsession:

Truthfully, I’d probably get more done if I never looked for the best tools, but thats not an option because I can’t quell the compulsion. That notion that there is something better, something faster, something more efficient waiting to reward those that search hard enough is far too compelling.

Ben is spot on and I found too much of myself in this article. All the search for the best possible tool or setup is something that I’m just too familiar with. I don’t know[^-361149311] how much time I have spent looking for the right setup, the best task manager, text editor, podcast app (you name it), the right blogging platform or even the best home-screen setup.

Good thing is that I’m getting more and more content. Until the next new app of course.

  1. In fact I believe that I don’t even want to know 

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