Before They Disintegrate

February 24, 2015 ☼ Article

As a kind of digital preservation, and a reminder to myself which shirts I own. Think of it as a digital wardrobe of sorts.

The other day I got a new T-Shirt and this was again a reminder how many of my tees had become a favourite. The go-to shirt. Sadly though they get worn too much and eventually start to rip apart up to the point they almost completely dis-integrate get thrown away and then eventually forgotten.

I still remember a specific Star Wars T-shirt I owned as a kid. It was one of my most priced possessions, but now I can only hardly remember how it looked like. To save my current shirts from this fate, I thought it would be fun to turn this into a project and collect them, at least in a virtual way.

So, here’s the state of my current favourite T-Shirts:

[gallery type=“square” ids=“361149658,361149657,361149656,361149655,361149654,361149651,361149652,361149653”]

And before you ask: No, I don’t iron stuff.

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