MuseScore 2.0

March 27, 2015 ☼ Link

Open Source music notation app MuseScore was just the other day updated to version 2.0 and it looks very impressing.

MuseScore 2 is a truly ground-breaking release! It is the first major new release of MuseScore since 1.0 over four years earlier, and it includes tons of new features and improvements that have been requested by users over this period.

I was aware about MuseScore for a while, but despite my gripes with Finale I have never really looked into it. Once I learned about the update I had a first look at it so far it seems that this might be just what I have been looking for: a much more lean and easy to use music notation editor.

It supports all the features that I am looking for in a music notation software and has even some that are not available in Finale[^-361149594]. Plus it is fast and doesn’t come with all the bloat[^-361149594].

More than once I have been utterly frustrated with Finale and in the beginning of the year I planned to switch over to Sibelius, which after using it for a month liked a lot better. One thing led to another though, the trial expired and somehow I did not came around to actually purchase the app. This now comes in pretty much to my advantage, since if my first impression continues like this, I might continue to use MuseScore.

After will post a little more once I have used the application for a decent amount of time.

  1. At least in the versions that I have worked with. 

  2. It is only about 150mb after install, compared to the many gigabytes the other apps need. I know it’s mostly sound files but still. 

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