One Keyboard-To-Go

March 5, 2015 ☼ Article

I wrote already that I somehow, kind-of, collect text-editors, to-do apps, Twitter and Podcast clients and what not. Turns out, that I, to some extent, also collect external keyboards for use with the iPad.

Since my Logitech Mobile Keyboard broke at the end of last year I decided to get me a new keyboard. I like the K760 which is a great keyboard, sadly it’s not very mobile. Also I like the Apple-Keyboard/Origami-case combination that I had been using during the last months, but it is surprisingly heavy. It is not obvious in the first place, but my bag feels a lot lighter when it is not in it. Also, after only a few months of use, the velcro which is needed to fold it together, disappointingly lost it’s velcroness.

So, it came in handy that at a local store, just in time, the new Logitech Keys to Go was available and it did seem like a good fit. It is very light, somewhat water-resistant[^-361149629], looks good and definitely fits easily into any of my bags.

Truth to be told, in the beginning I was a little disappointed. Writing on it didn’t feel very comfortable. It was more of a hit and miss and I got the feeling that I was only marginally faster writing with it than on screen keyboard.

First disappointment aside, I kept in in my bag, simply because it is so light and handy to have around. I took it out ever so often and got more and more used to it, and by now I do enjoy it a lot. It sure took a while. Maybe I was just used to a larger keyboard but by now it is always with me and I really like especially the iOS specific keys and wouldn’t want to miss it anymore.


Someone once wrote that it might be a little slippery on flat surfaces, something that I also had an issue with. This was easily fixed with with a few stoppers from a bookshelf that I had around.


On a side note I would like to point out the insane battery life. I got the keyboard a little before new years and now at the beginning of March I haven’t had to charge it even once. Considered the size and weight of the keyboard feels like a small miracle.

  1. Just to make sure that I can write in the bathtub/sauna/shower. You know, like one does 

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