Because your ringtone is worse than my farts’

June 14, 2015 ☼ Link

In 8 things I learned from wearing an Apple Watch for a couple of weeks on The Oatmeal:

There’s a notion in pop culture that AI might one day rise up against us, and that our own technology could hurt us more than we could ever hurt ourselves. Because of ringtones, that idea has already come to fruition. Because your ringtone is worse than my farts. Because your Taylor Swift is worse than my bum tornadoes.


I am filing receiving a phone call on my Apple Watch” in the same category as stuffing pickles up my butt.” I have pickles. I have a butt. It’s something I can do, the opportunity is there, but it’s not something I’d ever want to do.

​These funny and admittedly out of context quotes do not quite reflect the quality of the review, which in fact is a very good one. But why don’t you go over and have a look yourself.

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