The Todoist-Switch

June 7, 2015 ☼ Article

I do have somewhat of a history with task-managers and if you have been visiting this blog at any point in time, you already know that. For a couple of months now I have been very contempt with, and happily using, OmniFocus. Nevertheless I have been recently looking at Todoist again and the during the last week I eventually started using it again.

I used Todoist earlier when I had an Android phone. I liked it a lot then, and had already a post-draft which I never finished and eventually dismissed once I switched back to an iPhone and with it to OmniFocus. Since then it had seen quite a few updates, natural language input and some welcome design refreshes come to mind. Also I was happy to realize that the Mac App has gained a Quick Entry box in the meanwhile.

During the last couple of weeks many of my actions regarding the tools I use share a common theme: I switching tools with the attempt of getting a bit more platform independent and to automate stuff. First of all Todoist is available on all platforms, and for my needs more important: on the web as well. This insures that I can easily access my task-list from the computer at work[^-361149484]. Also, and especially because of, the recently introduced integrations and the IFTTT channel, Todoist got a lot more interesting to me because these allow for much simple automation between the services I use a lot[^-361149484]. And I’m not even going to mention collaboration.

In fact the automation-aspect is one of the best parts. I can assign tasks in Evernote and have them automatically added to Todoist as a task, automatically forward emails straight into the apropriate project with some simple, possibly server-based, mail-rules, log tasks automatically to my Evernote journal with IFTTT and more.

Also what I realized is, that it is now possible to email, say a bill, into Evernote, into the right notebook with the reminder attached and have that show up in my Todoist tasks without any further action on my part is mind-blowing and going to make a lot of things a lot easier for me.

And this is just one of things that come to mind. There will probably even more services and integration come. I think this is kind of exciting.

For a brief moment the lack of keyboard-shortcuts on the desktop annoyed me, until I realized that the TAB-Key activates the very powerful search box both on the desktop and web-interface. From there navigating to any point in my lists or tasks is simple as entering a search term. It is mostly natural language, but there are some boolean searches and shortcuts available which you can learn more about on this page[^-361149484].

If all of this will keep me to the app permanently I can’t, considered my ever so frequent switching of task-apps or text-editors[^-361149484], say, but I already paid for a year of service I will give it a fair try. At the moment at least I am rather enthusiastic and optimistic about this.

  1. This had been also one of my main motivations to switch to, Evernote and MuseScore. All of them had been a major win in my opinion. 

  2. I already had set up a few Evernote triggers and actions which make a lot of things a lot easier for me. 

  3. I recommend to do so, and not do the same mistake that I had done, read: trial and error. This will save a lot of time. 

  4. I am still very satisfied with my setup by the way. It’s rock solid and feels still just-right

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