Panoramas from Google Photos

July 7, 2015 ☼ Article

It turned out that Google Photos’s assistant was able to stitch a panorama, which Photoshop failed to do.

Not too long ago Google released it’s stand-alone version of Photos, and since I was familiar with it already when it was part of Google+ gave it a spin (again). It wasn’t a surprise to me that, after trying it for a while, I came to like it. There’s a lot to like about it and search aside, the assistant is one of my favourite parts of it. Since I’m backing up my old landscape photos now as well the assistant created some Panorama which I couldn’t quite get right[^-361149769] in Photoshop. The assistant though got them together just nicely. [gallery type=“rectangular” ids=“361149770,361149771,361149772,361149773” orderby=“rand”]

  1. Most likely due to a misaligned tripod 

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