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August 20, 2015 ☼ Article

You already know that I like to try new things, like apps and services and so on and since the arrival of music streaming services I have been using all the major ones that are available around here. Spotify was the first that was available here, then I used Rdio followed by Google Music, then back to Spotify. At the same time, I also used iTunes Match once it became available here[^-361150179].

Naturally I have subscribed to Apple Music[^-361150179] right away and as a matter of fact found only little differences in the libraries for the music that I like. From what I gather from my feeds, is seemed that some people had issues of all kinds with the service, I on the had none and it worked mostly well. I did however had some occasional connectivity issues, which may or may not be related to my occasionally flaky internet connection.

During the now almost two months of using it I actually came to like it simply because that I don’t notice that it is there. I simply use it, tell Siri what I want to listen to, and with a little luck it just works. I can’t really put to words[^-361150179] in which way this is different to the streaming services, but with Apple Music I have more the feeling that the music is just there. I just listen to want I want to regardless if it is already in my library or not.

Another very important thing, it the much cheaper family plan. It’s already cheaper with two users, not even to talk about having four accounts once the Android app becomes available. That is of course a major factor to consider.

And one major Music-Streaming-Gripe

While this is all nice, one problem that I with Apple Music is one that apparently all of the streaming/subscription services share: Missing tracks.

Missing TunesMissing Tunes

I guess there is not much way around it, but still it is very annoying. But then again, if it is a recording that I really like or need, I mean as in REALLY, nothing is stopping me from buying it. Which I still think, in many ways, is the best, at least, long-term solution.

So, for the time being I am very satisfied with Apple Music, and once the Android app is out, I will (very-likely) cancel my Spotify Family in favour of the much cheaper Apple Music.

  1. Available here is a crucial phrase in this case. Finland is usually not among the first countries to get access to services like this. 

  2. I mean, why wouldn’t I and who doesn’t like free stuff?! 

  3. Bad stuff for a written post I guess. 

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