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September 18, 2015 ☼ Article

Another week passed in a wink and I only wanted to write a little thing, but it got a bit out of hand and turned up like this. Lot’s of opinions on lots of stuff.

First off iOS 9.

iOS 9

So, I installed iOS and mostly everything went rather fine. At first the update hadn’t been available for me (luckily I wasn’t alone), but after an hour or so it started to download and install without breaking something. Which is good news. Most of apps work like they are supposed to. I said most, didn’t I?! If you rely on iReal Pro, you might want to wait with the update, as the playback skips a beat every now and then(on the iPad at least). On the positive side, I do now own iReal Pro for OSX as well.

Even though my ageing iPad doesn’t support all those nice new features such as split-view, I do enjoy the more native external keyboard control. This feature alone makes the iPad feel much more like a desktop computer and so much better to work with when using the external keyboard.

Also the more advanced share-sheets are very nice. Adding something to, say my my task-manager of choice from, or dropping something into is so much more comfortable.

Speaking of

After my Evernote crisis this week, I have been thinking getting my stuff out of there and move somewhere else and looks like a good candidate. I’m still a bit torn on this issue, as it means giving up on some real nice automation that I have set up via IFTTT and also a lot of extra work in getting my notes out of it. might be good for more visual notes, like images, screenshots and things like that, but everything more text-based kind of notes will be plain-text from now on. Like I done before, and which worked beautifully for that matter.

For the time being I have decided to simply get the notes out that are the most important for my work and convert them (painfully so) into plain text notes. My original fascination and worklfow benefits of Evernote aside, moving everything there had been a mistake. But that is another post.

Content Blocker

I hate ads. I hate them most of the time, but ironically I generally don’t like the idea of the content blockers too much either. For example I don’t like that small bloggers, those which I am actually reading the most, those who actually care about their readers and do advertise in a respectful matter, are getting punished for having, say only a small ad on their site. On the other side I don’t care the tiniest little bit of those websites with half-a-page of banner-, or even worse, pop-up ads (jeps, they still exist, and no, I will never ever subscribe to your damn newsletter). But then again, I almost never visit those sites either.

Also the fact that at least some of those content blockers are blocking third-party fonts, is I would say, maybe not problematic, but it certainly makes the web, though faster, but also more ugly. Not sure why you would want that. Maybe I change the font-stack here on this site, and include say Comic Sans, or, Dingbats. Okay, kidding. Maybe.

The First Bummer

After running iOS for the first few minutes I started to look for the new Apple News and was befuddled that I was unable to find it. Nowhere on my device. After some research it turns out that it is not available at the moment around here. Since it is essentially nothing but a glorified RSS-reader with recommendations this choice seems a bit odd. Let’s see how long it will take until it becomes available.

And in other news: Todoist.


And yes, Todoist was updated for the web and desktop as well. Finally a much nicer icon, which is always welcome. On the desktop and the web the toolbar has become more functional and adds natural-language-input as in the iOS app. Also the search, searches the whole database[^-361150257] and opens the searched for-item. This is all great, but I really would like to see more keyboard shortcuts for navigation and opening/adding attachments or notes on the desktop or web-interface.

As with all things task-managing apps I’m not sure what to chose, I generally prefer OmniFocus, but all the possible integrations of Todoist, and the availability everywhere… so tempting to switch to it again. Maybe I will figure out what to do at some point.

And finally absolutely unrelated:


With Bill Holman’s music I rediscovered an old favourite of mine and have been on a bit of a binge since then. Just great, cool and swinging Big Band arrangements[^-361150257]. Classic.

Recommended listening: The Original Bill Holman Big Band, Jazz Erotica

  1. Now I want that in iOS of course. 

  2. Code for: Popular music used to be better 

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