November 1, 2015 ☼ ArticleNaBloPoMo

I had the plan to publish one post a day for quite some time since I read Streak on Matt Mullenweg’s blog. This would have been now little more than a year ago. Since I have not posted every day, I obviously didn’t manage. But I don’t give up that easily and NaBloPoMo comes right in time.

In Making it Through NaBloPoMo:

NaBloPoMo challenges you to publish a blog post every single day in November.

Even though I’m confident that I will fail after a few days already, I will at least give it a try. So, you will have the questionable pleasure to witness either my success or my failure. This will be at least a good chance to try to finish some of the drafts that started to pile up.

Anyway. One month, one post a day. Maybe achievable and since this is my first post, there is only 29 more to go and see you tomorrow.

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