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November 30, 2015 ☼ ArticleNaBloPoMo

So, I have managed to get through NaBloPoMo without missing a day. Hurray! But before I can pat myself on the shoulder a few thoughts.

First of all, it was the longest streak that I have had what is now 8 years of blogging [^-361150482], which is of course nice and at least somewhat of an achievement. Second of all, it became obvious that posting something every day, only for the sake of posting something, is not too much to my liking. I generally try to post as much as possible, but usually simply go with the flow, and post something, once I find, or wrote, something worth posting.

Even though this blog has no real profile whatsoever, I’d like to have it though my voice and only wanted to post stuff that I like. Occasionally it was easy, but every now and then I needed to dig something out. I generally prefer the posts here on this blog to be at least a little thought out and often find myself spending a lot of time, if not too much time, on even a short article or link-post. In that regard NaBloPoMo has been rather helpful, getting over myself and simply press publish.

Either way, it was, albeit being a bit stressful at times, educational and fun and I probably will be trying to do it again next year. But now I will take a little break. At least for one day.

  1. I kind of missed this. 

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