Inbox: A few suitable responses’

November 4, 2015 ☼ Link

In Computer, respond to this email on the Google research blog:

I get a lot of email, and I often peek at it on the go with my phone. But replying to email on mobile is a real pain, even for short replies. What if there were a system that could automatically determine if an email was answerable with a short reply, and compose a few suitable responses that I could edit or send with just a tap?

I really like Inbox, especially on the phone where I use it the most and where it has become my default client[^-361150358] and seeing new features coming to it, is always welcome. Canned responses or pre-made snippets are definitely not new, but having them intelligently pre-build sounds intriguing. Looking forward to give this a try.

I already see posts with conversations build out of these responses coming all over the place soon.

  1. As default as it can get at least on iOS. Meaning it’s the one I open to read and or dismiss, i.e. mark as done emails. 

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