My Podcast-List for 2015

December 21, 2015 ☼ ArticlePodcast

As in the previous year(s) Podcast’s constitute a large portion of my entertainment. Also my tastes and preferences vary quite a bit, which makes for an interesting mix and a frequently changing stream.

Now, at the end of the year, it seems obvious to have a look back and check how it has evolved, or if at all. I have tried and listened to much more shows over the cause of this year, but many have not make it to the end of this year.

But here’s now my current list, which in fact is not much different than a bit earlier this year:

During this year I had a bit of an struggle finding (or settling with) the Podcast-Player of my choice, but eventually ended up where I started and with which is IMHO the best podcast app: Pocket Casts. It’s rock solid, beautiful and works just the way I want it to. Looking forward to the iOS update, which might feature statistics as does the Android version. Though I might as well have switched back to Android until then.

So, this is it for this year. I’m looking forward to see how this list evolves during the next year. I guess in 12 months we will find out.

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