A Lego Pro Tip”

March 4, 2016 ☼ lego

That moment when Lego fell apart and become an uncontrolled mess.

Here’s the thing: we have plenty of Lego. All kinds of. Cars, boats, planes and of course, lot’s of Star Wars Lego. If you have kids, you know there’s no chance whatsoever they stay in one piece. Inevitably they will fall apart, get cleaned up and put into that one big box full of Lego.

At least this is what happens here, and I guess happens elsewhere as well.

And here’s the pro-tip: DON’T LET THAT HAPPEN! The model will most likely never be re-assembled.

If you want to prevent this, you have,  as far as I am concerned, only two options:

  1. If a model falls apart, fix it IMMEDIATELY. Don’t wait, don’t put the parts somewhere to fix it tomorrow. No! Lego, it seems don’t agree with that. It’s now or never.
  2. Glue the parts while building and prevent it from happen in the first place (I know, not really an option, more a possibility).

If you don’t do either of the above, you might as well don’t bother to put them into that box at all and throw them away. And while you’re already at it, also throw away the booklet/manual they came with. You might forget you ever owned it and you can buy yourself a new one.

Do I adhere to these rules?! Of course not, hence re-building, what should be this model, took me 90min to get to this stage:

90 min of digging through one big box later90 min of digging through one big box later
90 min of digging through one big box later

I admit that gluing is not an option, but not touching the Lego or putting them into a display-case isn’t one either. I think I might have to come up with another solution.

I will keep you posted should we ever finish this one.

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