Sibelius 8.3 with Rest Consolidation

May 6, 2016 ☼ linksibelius

Sibelius 8.3 has been released the other day and it brings improvements to an awesome little feature I didn’t knew it had. I would have needed this a lot in past and will surely be added to my toolkit.

On Sibeliusblog:

Sibelius 8.2 introduced a promising new feature with which a note a or passage could be moved left or right by the use of the new shortcuts Command-Option-Left Arrow (Mac) or Ctrl+Alt+Left Arrow (PC) and Command-Option-Right Arrow (Mac) or Ctrl+Alt+Right Arrow (PC), respectively.Slide too far, though, and you left a trail of unconsolidated rests behind This has been significantly improved in Sibelius 8.3.

Read the blog entry for more details.

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