A Theme Challenge

June 3, 2016 ☼ article

The imminent vacation was preceded by, what I would call, a familiar but long overdue epiphany: I fiddle too much with themes for this blog.

My intent always is to make the theme as nice and as easy to read as possible and to make it to be a blog that I would like to visit myself. Sounds fairly easy, sadly though, there’s too many themes around and my preferences change all the time.

While looking for the perfect theme I switch and edit themes for it’s overall design and features. If it has the features that I am looking for, I adjust the design to make it fit my vision. Theme has hero-images and post- formats but no one-column design? Let’s see what I can do about that! Font not satisfying? No problem! Or hey, what about a different font pair?

I have opened that can of worms one too many times.

During the the last two weeks I obviously had too much of free time on my hands and changed my blog’s theme at least daily, always switching back and forth between two different ones (you are looking at one those at the moment, at least hopefully) while at the same time trying a few others in the background. At one point I got out of bed to change the font and it’s size from Proxima Nova to my favourite Serif, Merriweather. Go figure.

Frankly, this has to stop as it not only drives me crazy but also prevents me from doing what I came here for in the first place: writing for this blog.

What is going to happen to solve this is, is that I do/continue what have started once (and actually never really continued): stick to the default theme (which is no compromise, as I like it a lot and have switched back and forth to it since it was released) at least until the next default theme, Twenty Seventeen, is released. As I wrote already in 2012:

[…] I have the plan, that if I change the theme of the blog, I will only go for the next default theme.

Either way, I challenge myself to stick to this theme at least until the release of Twenty Seventeen but I do allow myself though for some adjustments of the CSS of course, but no new theme or change fonts until then.

There I said it! Now it’s official and there’s no turning back. It actually happened that, a_fter writing_ and before publishing this post, I managed to again change my mind and give Shoreditch another try. I already had tweaked and used that theme before, yet spend another few hours tweaking it even more.

I hope that through this challenge I am able to save my nerves and focus more on adding some content here. Finishing all those drafts that are piling up here would be a good thing to start with. Let’s see how that goes.

Related: It took some time, but during the last few months I have been mostly using Calypso (as I have planned) and the Press This bookmarklet for writing for the blog. Considered that I used to swear by plain-text editors this is quite a departure. There’s hope I manage my challenge.

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