This Set is meant for Parker enthusiasts’

July 14, 2016 ☼ linkjazz

Marc Myers reviews Bird Unheard’:

It’s probably fair to say that this set is meant for Parker enthusiasts— those who have spent years listening to the Verve master takes and have the solos by Parker and his sidemen committed to memory. The average listener would likely be left mystified by the material, since listening to Parker attempt songs over and over is akin to repeatedly asking diners to try failed dishes. […] Students of Parker (myself included) will find much of this material fascinating. […] Even when struggling to develop what he was trying to achieve, Parker sounded tireless and in command.

I got the shipping confirmation for mine already two weeks ago, yet it is not bound to arrive before August. Wondering how it got shipped. In the meanwhile this great review on Jazz Wax will have to do.

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