Finally got Start Dates”

July 28, 2016 ☼ article

2Do is a great task manager which lets me work the way I want to. So far I have not run into something that I need or want, that it doesn’t do. In fact, there are many useful features in the app which are a bit hidden and not obvious in the first place.

While trying to learn some tricks about the app I listened to Episode 66 of Nerds on Draft1 and in return not only got to know the app a bit better but also learned something and even more useful: I finally got how to use Start Dates.

I have been familiar with the concept of Start Dates in GTD, but it never really made sense to me, hence never used them. After listening to Gabe and Jeff talk about it’s implementaion in 2DO1 it finally clicked. Seeing them more as a In Progress makes a lot sense to me.

I already wonder how I could be doing without so far.

  1. I’m not sure at which point of development the app was when the podcast weas recorded, but I like the current implementation of Start Dates in 2Do and will certainly make a lot of use of them in the future.

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