Things I liked during the last Weeks

July 30, 2016 ☼ article

A few things that I haven’t found the time to write about, but enjoyed nonetheless.

As many others I finished watching Stranger Things and enjoyed it a lot. Great story in a 80’s style and probably one of the best things that I have seen in the recent past. I think I might watch it again just for the fun of it. Looking forward to the second season if there should be one.

Prisma turned out to be a fun app. With a bit of help from VSCO and Pixelmator I managed to get a Gravatar which I am actually happy with. I was looking for a way to get some kind illustration-like images here on the blog, but naturally failed sketching them myself, this app will come in quite handy here. The only thing bothering me is the limitation to the square format. With a little planned framing though I can crop the image they I want later.

The next update to Ulysses will be great. I have been lucky to be on the beta, and now the app has everyting that I need: Typewriter scrolling, Wordpress publishing and Dropbox and global search. As far as I am concerned it is perfect now.

I have been on a Neil Gaiman binge recently and enjoy his latest book The View From The Cheap Seats, a collection of talks and speeches, a lot. I’m not too far in yet, but there is a lot of inspiration for all kinds of arts in there.

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