August 4, 2016 ☼ articleomnifocus

And back to OmniFocus. Sometimes I change my opinions faster than my underwear.

… Those were the words my wife used recently about me. She’s probably right.

While I was, still just a few days ago, very enthusiastic about 2Do, I have made a turn and went back to OmniFocus. A new update came out and at the same time David updated his video, so I thought I could give it a spin again.

To make a long story short:

I realized (once more, sigh) how much I enjoy and trust the. After all, it’s the task-manager that I used the longest and the one I apparently always come back to after every visit to another app. The app somehow feels the most solid to me.

Since the last time I used it (not quite sure how long of a break it was, I guess something around a year) a lot has happened and many features have been added both on the Mac and iOS.

A lot of improvements have happend: The background-sync between the apps works flawlessly and is very fast now. On the iPad I figured, that with some clever arrangement of my perspectives in the sidebar, I can open my most used perspectives with a keyboard shortcut. This makes very enjoyable to work with on the iPad. And once I realized how well the Spotlight integration works, that I can open tasks, folders and perspectives from within Spotlight, I was all set.

Now would be a good time to figure out what kind of workflows and automation stuff I have missed since last time.

I’m sure there is a lot.

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