M.R. James (Audio)Books

October 29, 2016 ☼ link

I discovered this author and his work just in time for Halloween.

The other day I was listening to the Q&A episode of The Magnus Archives and the writer of the show, Jonathan Sims, mentioned M.R. James as his major influence, an author I was absolutely not familiar with.

I thoroughly enjoy the writing and the style of The Magnus Archives, it has this classy style of horror-writing that I enjoy a lot, hence it was obvious that I had to have a look at the writing of M.R. James. I have to say, that I’m happy that I did.


Anyway, one search led to another and I quickly found audiobooks of his stories both on Spotify as well as some free Kindle books.

I have had only little time to do some reading1, but I did listen to a few stories as audiobook, and am now looking forward to read/listen more as I enjoy these stories a lot.

  1. I want to finish my current book, The Historian first.

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