My new headphones: OnePlus Bullets v2

December 12, 2016 ☼ article

After years of sticking and using Apples ear-plugs I finally opted for new ones.

It’s been a while now that I have been looking into getting some new headphones and have been more or less contempt with using my Apple EarPlugs which came with the 5s (I think it was this phone). They didn’t really comfortably fit into my ears and easily fell out, but somehow did the job.

My major gripe with the Apple EarPlugs (aside the not-so-great-fit) is that the controls don’t really work on an Android phone. I can pause something but that’s about it. No volume control, no way to launch Google Now for voice control, no nothing anything else. I’m not sure who to blame here, but the good willed me would blame basic inter-device incompatibility.

Whatever the reason, a few weeks ago I learned about the launch and availability of the OnePlus’s Bullets Version 2 ear plugs. I am a fan of the company, and since the reviews were good and the price just right I ordered one pair for each family member.

Upon unpacking the very nice packaging was already promising and was looking forward to give them a try. Now that I have been using them for about two weeks I can say that I enjoy them  a lot. The sound is great for my needs and everything works like expected.

Another win from OnePlus in my opinion and using this folding method my ear- plugs haven’t tangled even once.

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