My Podcast List for 2016

December 2, 2016 ☼ articlepodcast

The list of the podcasts that made it to the end of this year.

It’s December and and it is time to post another My Favourite Podcast Post. My subscription list has been again going through some changes since I am enjoying Audio Dramas audio dramas at them moment and my subscriptions reflect that.

While some of the shows are on a season break at the moment (but will hopefully continue in the near future), some others are either finished, in stasis or probably discontinued. From the latter I have included those, which I have been listening to during this year.

The Podcast list

Compared to last year’s list there are actually not many shows that have been off the list, but quite a few that have been added.

Looking forward to see how next year’s list is going to look like.

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