January 17, 2017 ☼ article

After four years it seemed about right to turn comments back on.

There used to be a time during which comments were frequent and I had many nice conversations here on the blog and I had a lot of fun. In fact, it went so far that I even had a little competition here on the blog in the comments.

Eventually though comments got rare and increasingly spammy and I did what was rather common then (almost trendy I dare say) and turned comments off. The last comment here dates back to Dec 2013. Why do I know? Well, because I just approved it. Fast as a shark.

A few days ago I made 180 degrees turn and enabled comments again. So why now?

There are actually a few reasons. First of all, the interaction with you, the reader, here on the blog. In hindsight it was a lot fun back in the days” and I met (if you can call it that) a lot people which I would consider my online friends. No having comments on, robs one of that experience altogether.

Another one was, that I just recently I had a very good time commenting on another blog myself. Using the Wordpress app this was actually a rather nice experience. Also, a few months ago I received via email a question about a post yet sadly never came around to answer via email and then forgot. If the question would have come via a comment, it would have been not only faster to answer (with the app), but also would have benefited others.

Additionally I have, despite my obsession with Inoreader, in addition started to use the much simpler, Wordpress reader. Not only for it’s cleaner design, but also reason that one can, if the site has Jetpack (at least so I believe) and comments enabled, leave comments right within the reader. Not that I have used it often yet (twice or trice, at least so I believe), but it’s nice to be able to do so.

If things will be different now after 4 years of having comments turned off is hard to say, but I hope that the fun comment times return while leaving the spamming out in the dark. And now the obvious: let me know what you think in the comments.


Irony demanded that _comments _were turned off for this post. For whatever reason, either way, now they are on’ again.

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