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January 3, 2017 ☼ articlestats

It’s time for some of last year’s statistics

This year had seen a few ups and downs here on the blog. I tried, but have not managed to post as regularly as I hoped, yet I published 159 posts and added a few more pages, such as the bookmarks page, on which I have embedded my latest bookmarks. The latter I will eventually automate a bit more via IFTTT to get my bookmarks easier and faster there.

I have not published that regularly as I hoped. In November I have been the least active with only 3 posts while in January with 21 the most. Of all pages and posts my articles on using for Markdown writing have been by far my most visited ones. Which is nice.

Since last year’s stats were a bit off, since I changed hosts and what not, but with the 9025 views I’m getting back on track and more than last year’s. It’s not the way what I was photoblogging (80890 views in 2012), but the overall stats seem to go up again, albeit slowly. Something to work on.

Themes I have changed plenty and too often. To that extent that I annoyed myself and challenged myself to stick to the current default theme. Naturally I failed on that front as well, but eventually went back to it and currently still use it. Now in the new year, I plan to switch over to the Twenty Seventeen theme once it will be released on, which, at least as of 2.1.17 is not the case.

And since the beginning of the year seems the most reasonable time to do so, I have now switched over my new domain It’s short, easy to remember and obviously me. All the other domains, should (hopefully) re-direct and I don’t expect links to break.

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