New Simplenote for macOS

February 16, 2017 ☼ link

Even though I have become rather comfortable using mainly the Wordpress editor, or the Press This! bookmarklet as in this case, I was looking for an easy way to jot down some drafts and eventually started to useSimplenote again.

I used Simplenote already back in the days on a, in hindsight, tiny iPhone 3g and it had never let me down, and was the center of my note-taking and writing. I found it peculiar though, that for example Markdown-preview, wasn’t available in the Mac app but obviously everywhere else. This is now fixed.

From: Try the New macOS Beta:

Today you can try out a new Simplenote beta for macOS that was built using Electron, the web technology we used for the Windows and Linux apps…If you’ve used our native macOS application in the past and have been missing some of the unsupported features like Markdown…

The app feels nice, syncs fast, and best of all, is cross-platform (Android, iOS, web, Windows, Linux) and from what I can tell identical in features on all platforms. I might be sticking for a while again.

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