February 3, 2017 ☼ article

I needed some distraction, and it turns out fiddling with themes is rather soothing.

The last few weeks had been incredibly busy, but now that the majority of the projects are done I finally have some, albeit not much, downtime. To get some distraction from the current global garbage-show I decided to give this blog a little facelift, and with it returned to a rather classic design.

I would have like to use Twenty Seventeen, but it is still not released on Wordpress.com (not that I’m bitter) but I grew a bit tired of all the whitespace in themes that I have been using for the past few years and was looking for something else. Eventually went for this one. Looks nice on mobile and is even a bit more colourful than usual.

Anyway, switching to a new theme was again a reminder on how inconsistent features are implemented in themes. Mostly this boils down on how post-types and featured images are implemented but also includes the kind-of subtitle- ly feature which was introduced in the Twenty Sixteen theme, which uses the Post-Summary to create subtitles. This is included only in a handful of themes that found.

This made it obvious to me that one, or better I, should not rely on post- types, but rather make sure, the posts work as-is. If that makes any sense.

Having all the ingredients, for example the link, subtitle, for a post in the actual content is the only may to ensure that the presentation thereof is consistent, on the blog and in the RSS reader. Or at least, everything is there.

I guess I still will keep featured images around, well, because looks nice, but will otherwise target the categories with CSS to re-create the design of a post-type. This way, changing themes is simple, and merely requires a bit of copy/paste and some minor adjustments of the CSS to get to the result that I am looking for.

Now I have only come to grips, whether or not I should set up a landing-page, or use the post-slider, or both. This should give me some distraction for a little while.

UPDATE: It took me exactly nine days before I got bored by the somewhat claustrophobic design and I changed back to a much more minimal one.

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