My Podcast List for Spring 2017

March 31, 2017 ☼ podcast

I did some spring-cleaning and have cleaned up my subscription list and cut it in half

During the last year my podcast list has grown quite a bit, and I frequently added more and more audio-dramas. Eventually I found myself not only unable to catch up with the various shows and series but also lost interest into a few the shows. Some of them simply couldn’t keep me attached for long enough or got rather stale in my opinion.

So, the other weekend I then eventually went through my subscriptions and slimmed it down quite a bit and it seems like I went back to my old list of Tech-Shows.

Currently there are overall 37 shows in my list, quite a few of them though are currently not updated or on a hiatus. So, for the sake of simplicity I will add here only the ones that are frequently updated.

There are a few more in the list, such as the The Monster Hunters (which is one of my favourite shows), but those are so infrequently updated (like once or twice a year for the aforementioned) that I didn’t include them into this list. Also some of the above are rather new to my list and on a bit of a trial.

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