No more copy and paste headaches”

March 8, 2017 ☼ link

Wordpress introduced an Add-on to use Google Docs as a tool for writing and publishing:

When you’re ready to save a Google Docs draft as a blog post, go to the Add- ons menu and open for Google Docs. A sidebar will appear where you can add or Jetpack-connected sites […] Click the Save Draft button — when it’s saved, a preview link will appear so you can see how it looks on your site.

This is a welcome surprise, and one that actually might solve a few problems for me.

Over the past few years I had mainly used plain-text workflows, but in the recent past found it more comfortable and faster to use the Wordpress editor, or the Press-This bookmarklet and only for the occasional longer article switched to a text-editor. Using Google Docs for those is a natural fit for me. I use it anyway already, has the features that I need (a document outline view comes to mind), it is available everywhere and works offline as well.

Plain text editors have served me well over the years, but in hindsight caused me more friction than I feel necessary and I feel it’s days are numbered. This is just another step, but that is going to be another post.

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