Things I Like This Week #4

April 10, 2017 ☼ article

This week had a bit of a space theme to it

After being ordered in September, and promised to be delivered just before Christmas (2016 just to make sure), the Nintendo Classic Mini finally arrived this week. It’s a lot of fun and lot’s of memories from the past. I’m not much of a gamer, never have been, but I remember having played Galaga and Donkey Kong many times in an Arcade hall. That was then and now I can fail at those games as much as I like and have fun at the same time.

Also I was happy to notice that _Rogue One _was already available as a digital purchase on Friday. Got it right away.

Despite the imminent danger, due to movie and the console, that I would not get much done during the weekend I managed to finish the fourth book in the Expanse Series - Cibola Burn. It’s a great book and before continuing with the 5th book Nemesis Games I will read the novellas, which are located in an earlier timeline and provide a bit more backstory, first. Starting with The Churn before continuing with the series. Looking forward to learn a bit about Amos’s backstory.

And talking about space: I ran into the podcast It’s Your Universe and am listening to it a the moment. The show has 12 episodes, one for each planet in our solar system and some on the moons and so forth. Very interesting.

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