To Theme And Back

April 20, 2017 ☼ article

Annoyed by myself I needed to re-instate my theme challenge

There is a good chance that, should you have visited here during the last week more than once (as you do of course, just kidding, I don’t think anyone has noticed), it looked different every single time. Naturally this was because I, once again, felt the need to change the blog’s theme and as expected drove myself crazy in the process.

I had the same thing happening to me almost a year ago, which then eventually inspired my theme challenge. Then I wanted to stick to the current default theme (then Twenty Sixteen) in order to wait for Twenty Seventeen to be released. Turns out that now that it has, it doesn’t work that well for me and I didn’t manage that well with the challenge to begin with. Switched themes a couple of times already then.

After realizing that Twentyseventeen will not work for me during the last week I tried and fiddled with, what I think to be about five to seven different themes. As ones does. So I fiddled, and fiddled and the other night additionally spent way too much time fiddling with fonts and font pairs and what not.

Since this can’t go on like this, I decided to re-instate my theme-challenge and stick with this theme (Twentysixteen) at least until the next default theme is going to be announced. Whenever that will be.

That is until something better comes along, of course… Well, no… Maybe… Whatever…

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