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April 23, 2017 ☼ article

Adding another social network to the mix

Even though Micro.Blog is around the corner I got intrigued by Mastodon and today signed up for it. I heard Leo Laporte mentioning it on TWiG during this week, but the name of the service/protocol slipped my mind and eventually I forgot about it. Yesterday Thomas talked about it on it Twitter (ironically) and with it brought it back to my attention​.

After a quick research I found this excerpt from TWiG, in which Kevin Marks explains quite well what this all is about, and I find it rather compelling. After a little bit more reading I went for the mastodon.network instance and set up an account. It feels somehow familiar, but I will have to learn a bit more about it and most importantly, find interesting people to follow.

It feels as exciting as was App.net when it was new, or even better, around.

I understand that beginning on Monday the 24th, the Micro.Blog rollout will begin and I am looking forward to it. I have the feeling that, since it is more blog-centric it will suit me well, or better. I guess, that I will soon now.

That all being said, you can find me now also on Mastodon as @svens@mastodon.network. I’m quite interested to see how all of this works out.

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