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April 7, 2017 ☼ article

Trying something new for a change, or a challenge if you will

I once read a series of posts from blogger and software developer Manton Reece how he worked every day of the week from a different coffee shop. I kind of liked the idea, but for a project like that I am not only missing the time to do so, but also I believe I would run out of coffee shops rather quickly.

So far, I only have worked from a coffee shop when I was on a concert trip. At home I sometimes used applications like Coffitivity to get some background noise and enjoyed that, but never went for the real stuff.

Now that my weekly workload is getting a bit more relaxed, I decided to challenge myself and try to get some writing and publishing done this way. I’ll doubt it will be on the same day every time, but I think I can squeeze one coffee in every now and then.

What I will try to do is, until the vacation starts at the end of May, once a week sit down in the morning another coffee shop, have a Latte and work on one article. Seems manageable but I already know, that next week is going to be a bit tight. But let’s see.

And yes, this article was written in Cafe Bisketti.

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