July 4, 2017 ☼ microblog

In reply to: Day One Premium and the Future

I have greater concerns about Day One’s ability to survive as a business. My impression is that the subscription model is a move to stay profitable. I don’t think this will be a magic bullet. Customers simply don’t want to pay the price for top-tier self sustaining apps on iOS, especially when the full annual cost of $50 is spelled out in black and white.

I agree with Gabe on this point, it does feel a bit this way. I signed up for the subscription service and look forward to the release of the Android version. App development is expensive and I can imagine that hosting and bandwidth for the sync-service is not going to be cheap either. Let’s see how this plays out. I fear though that things on the Android side, i.e. Play Store are going to be even more difficult, as I read once related to iAWriter Android version.

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