Finished: The Lego Millennium Falcon

October 23, 2017 ☼ articlelegostar wars

This awesome Lego set had been a gift from my wife to our wedding anniversary and it took me almost a year to get it done.

Naturally I haven’t been working on this all the time, but it took surprisingly long to find the time to get it done. And it was worth it. There is a lot of nice detail in this set.

The instructions were very clear, but from the beginning to the end was a long way. Here a picture from the very first day.

During all the months in which it was a _work-in-progress _I have kept in together with my clothes in a drawer and it had, surprisingly so, not fallen into pieces.

We planned to take advantage of the vacation and the other day started to work on it again to get it finally done.

Millennium FalconMillennium Falcon

I’m very happy with this set, but I start to wonder how to store it, in order to keep it in one piece.

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