Things Watched and Listened: October 2017

November 2, 2017 ☼ ArticlePodcast

A couple of podcasts and series that I watched during the last month

There are a lot of things going on and I usually don’t have much time to watch TV-series’ at all anymore. I gave up on Walking Dead a while ago and am so far behind on Game Of Thrones that I’m sure the last book will be published long before I manage to watch the second season for starters.

By pure chance though I found some great and occasional, strange things (shitty pun I know) and some time to watch and listen them too during the last month. It did cost me a couple hours of sleep though but I managed. Hey, one can’t have everything.

As a bonus I also found some nice podcasts, which are much easier to listen to for me. Usually on the way to work.

The Podcasts

I have no idea what I might want to watch next, but at least Star Trek is still going on. And of course there is still Game Of Thrones

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