One of those days

January 24, 2018 ☼ Article

Sometimes things are just too crazy to make up.

It all began in the morning with the car not starting. Okay, it was minus-crazy-degrees out there and probably the battery just died (it might actually be a different problem, this is still in a WIP). The motor was attached to the heating, but still refused to start.

Considered that the car was needed and everyone in a hurry, this was already annoying.

After bringing the kids on the bike to kindergarten, and believing it was only the battery, I was then driving on the bike to get hold of the right starter-cable. Apparently there are two kinds, with the wrong one being able to break stuff. Not sure is that correct, but so I researched. So the right one had to be bought whilst trying to get that somehow done before heading out to work.

This effort was bound to fail and at this point it felt already inevitable that the phone died in the cold as well. It refused to boot-up for another four hours. But hey why not? It is probably full of AI already, is sentient and therefore has it’s own feelings and thoughts and simply had to be cozy and warm before starting to work again. Or?

Either way, that later that day the dog came down with diarrhea (thanks for asking he’s fine, it was seemingly/hopefully only a short thing) I hardly have to bring up anymore. And yes, that the elevator didn’t work when I came home after work I mostly ignored.

I know it was a Tuesday, but I guess that, in some mean parallel universe it was probably still Monday.

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