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March 3, 2018 ☼ Article

Vacation just started, yet I have a hugle load of things to prepare, so it felt just like the right time to move hosting-companies.

After being routinely annoyed by my webhost last year I moved the blog back to some time in December. Even though I always have been satisfied there, I knew already then, that I would be missing the flexibility and freedom of hosting a blog. And of all things, I knew I would be missing webmentions.

The other day I then decided to move my blog (yet) again, but this time to another hosting company.

Now that you are able to read this, all the DNS changes have (hopefully so) propangated and the site should be more or less functional again.

More or less, at least.

Turns out, that importing 10 years of blogging with little less than 1300 posts and a huge media-library is more demanding that Worpress import is able to handle easily. The initial import had about 1000 posts missing and only a fraction of the media.

From what I gathered the problem is either one of the export-files which are generated on the side, or on Wordpress’ own capabilities to import stuff. The original export only generated 4 export files, which then might have then resulted in being too much to import in once by Worpdress.

So, I went the more painful route, and generated only yearly (or in some cases 6 months worth of export-files) and imported those and had much better success. Still there is about 80 posts missing somewhere, but I guess I will find them eventually.

The same happened for my media-library, resulting in the galleries being embarrassingly empty at the moment. I will have to dive into it and figure out which files have not made it over. Luckily I can similarly export the media for a certain time-span.

In the process I learned, that, despite these shortcomings, Wordpress is seemingly smart enough to not re-import previously imported content, thus is not generated a boatload of duplicates.

At least I hope so.

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