I’m not going be one of those people shaking his cane talking about how things were Better Back Then’

September 16, 2018 ☼ link

John Scalzi’s blog turned 20 years and he has a series of posts out currently reflecting on his time blogging. He writes in 1998/2018: Whatever 20/20, Day Thirteen: Whatever :

But even when the words blog,” blogger” and blogosphere” become even more dad rock than they already are, I suspect I’ll still be writing here, because, as noted above, I like it and it makes me happy. It makes me happy because writing makes me happy. It makes me happy because writing helps me understand myself and what I’m thinking. It makes me happy because at the end of the day, these are my words and I get to own them, and people get to see them.

This blog is now 10 years old (and yes, missed the anniversary, but it’s complicated) and there is a lot that I can relate to in this post, such as the above. Naturally this blog is minuscule compared to his, but that’s of course not the point. I do this, because it’s a hobby and fun and through it I have met a bunch of interesting people and learned a bunch of things.

Congrats to John Scalzi, who is one of my favourite authors, and his 20 years blogging, and let’s see if this blog is still around in 10 years. I sure hope so, but in which form is of course another question.

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