The one with Flipboard and my RSS-Feedreader

September 2, 2018 ☼ article

During the last month I have tested going back to Flipboard for tech-/geek- and general news instead of subscribing to 30+ tech-sites in my RSS-reader with a rather good success rate. Turning point was that I was when I realized how much time I spent skimming on a daily basis through hundredths of articles versus actually finding something interested to read.

This got annoying and a lot of interesting things from my favourite sites got un-noticed in this mess.

For the last month I tried then, training Flipboard again and found that I discovered a lot more interesting articles and a lot less that I don’t care about at all. It’s not perfect, but much better this way. I wish Flipboard had better tools to select, or even deselect topics, though.

I have now removed most of the tech-/news-/ whatever- sites from my RSS reader, and kept in there only the sites that I really care about. Most of them are now personal blogs, ie. from my friends, some blogs from sites that I want to stay up-to-date with and some selected Twitter feeds, which I can subscribe to easily in Inoreader. Basically sites that updated lot less frequently. My RSS-feed now has become much less busy and 100% interesting again. Perfect!

This naturally opened a totally new can of worms, because even though Inoreader does do Twitter feeds (and other titleless formats such as Micro-blogs), it’s presentation though is less than optimal, and I find myself looking at Feedbin, which handles those a lot better, again. I have tried/used the service in the past, but always found the interface a bit too slow for me, but then again, I had a lot more posts to weed through… so, maybe I will give it a try again.

I have tested this setup now for little more than a month, and am rather happy with it. Let’s how it looks like in another month. 2 September 2018

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