Tagging opened a treasure trove of notes”

September 20, 2018 ☼ link

Oliver Reichenstein in Write To Organize:

But honestly, x-callback-url support is something I would have never dreamed of being excited about. But, damn it, I am. I am not going to make a long story about how that happened. Just this much: Spend a few minutes on how Shortcuts works, and in a breath, you can send clippings and entire articles to iA Writer, with title, copied text, and tags.

I have made it no secret that iA Writer is my favourite way to write, i.e think, ever since it was released on the iPad way back then. I do have some obsession with that app, and even though every now and then I get tempted and use something else, I find myself either replicating it’s design and features, or simply missing it and eventually switch back one the wiser.

For a long time I wanted to built a system for notes, quotes, texts, journals (I am currently building a somewhat convoluted workflow for this), drafts and what not, in plain-text and got often rather close but it never was quite-there-yet (my Evernote-replacement-setup, with Atom.io comes to mind, worked, but what a mess) but I have the feeling, that with tags and the inclusion of x-URL-callback into iA Writer I can make it work.

One of my biggest issues always had been, getting the workflow-part of this to work, thankfully the folks at iA have provided two shortcuts in the article, which do exactly what I was looking for.

So, but I will tag some files now.

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