My first (successful) multistep Siri-Shortcut

October 15, 2018 ☼ article

I had some unexpected free time at work and used that to finish my first, rather complicated, Siri-Shortcut. I was looking for a way to quickly post an image to this blog and then write a few words about it. It took a bit of time, lots of fiddling and many failures but in the end I got what I was looking for.

The workflow does:

  1. select an image
  2. resizes the image
  3. renames it based on input and current date (things have to be in order of course)
  4. upload the image to my blog’s folder in Dropbox
  5. opens a pre-filled file in Drafts where I can add some text and then use an action to post it straight to my blog, nicely with YAML header.

I’m sure that there are some steps, that I could have done simpler, but for my first rather complicated worklfow i.e. shortcut I’m very happy with the result.

Now I just have to find some images to post so that the whole effort was also worth it.

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