Things I failed to share earlier

November 24, 2018 ☼ link

Over the last few days (if not weeks, not sure anymore) I bookmarked quite a few posts with the intention to link to them once I have the time. Having some down time here in a hotel room in in the Saariselkä that time has finally has come.

Open Culture posted an article about the Making of Bohemian Rhapsody. I haven’t come around to watch it yet, but sure will soon.

Also on Open Culture a piece with some further interesting links about the cover art of Blue Note records. I always enjoyed the beauty and simplicity of the iconic Blue Note covers and this article gives some nice insights. Be sure to follow the links in the article as well.

On the topic of Jazz. Marc Myers has a link to a newly released live-recording of Woody Shaw. Which is doubly interesting since it was made in my hometown in the year of 1983. And no, I haven’t been there. had a piece on Studying Humpback Whales to Better Communicate with Aliens. This is rather interesting after having watched Arrival a few weeks ago.

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