Thursday Linkage

December 13, 2018 ☼ links

During the last few days (if not week) I ran into a bunch of interesting stuff which I didn’t link to yet. As per usual, here they are:

The other Open Culture had a nice post on The Story of The Pogues Fairytale of New York’. I used to listen to The Pogues back in the days, and totally forgot about them. Suffice to say, the tune was not familiar to me, but I’m glad I did read the post. It’s a great tune and certainly an improvement over most Christmas tunes.

Talking about christmas music: Here’s a Spotify playlist with Heavy Metal versions of finnish traditional Christmas tunes.

One Foot Tsunami had a link to puzzle montage art by artist Tim Klein which is just crazy. (also via Colossal)

On you’ll find the beautiful video Greenland, Land of (Un)ending Ice, by Stefan Forster.

Also fun: Sixteenth-Century Flemish Superheroes.

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